Alexander Shaporov





Was born in Leningrad. In 1999 graduated from directors department of Saint-Petersburg University of culture and art (pedagogue – V. Plotkin). From 1994 he worked in chorus of Saint-Petersburg state of Musical comedy, and from 1996 he was included in soloists company. He played such parts as: Pomerol («Ball at the Savoy» P.Abraham), Boyatzi («The Duchess of Chicago» by I. Kalman) Gluhenbah («The Bird Seller» K. Zeller), Captain («Truffaldino from Bergamo» A. Kolker), Pachomich and Skomorokh («Levsha» V. Dmitriev), Antony Farnem («Kiss me, Kate!» C. Porter).

Nowadays in repertoire of actor following parts: Double of Mister X («Mister X» I. Kalman), Bogdanovich («The Merry Widow» F. Lehar), Evil grand-dad («Teremok» A. Kuligin), Pavlo («Sevastopol waltz» K. Listov), Chairman of the house committee («Grooms» by I. Dunaevsky), Composer and Clark, Gloria's chauffeur ("Hollywood diva"), General Lord Glossop and Poole ("Jekyll & Hyde" by F. Wildhorn), First banker and First guard ("Once upon a New Year's eve"), Commissioner ("Womanish revolt" by E. Ptichkin), Schlesinger ("Summer of love" by L.Lajtai), Count Bitovski («Viennese Blood» by J. Strauss), Firsych and GershovichCossack ataman ("Bely. Petersburg." by G. Firtich), Apollo (Orpheus in the underworld" by J. Offenbach), member of Gritsian's gang ("Wedding in Malinovka" by B. Aleksandrov).

He acted in television serials «Master and Margarita» (agent of NKVD), «Time to love» (Teacher of dancers), «Stolypin» (Philer) and in films «Alien face» (Bodyguard, director – A. Karelin), «Russian ark» (Cavalier, director – A. Sokurov).





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