November 11-15, for the first time in Russia, the St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy presents the musical of Frank Wildhorn "The Count of Monte Cristo".

The world premiere of "The Count of Monte Cristo" was held on March 14, 2009 at the St. Gallen Theater in Switzerland. This is one of the great musicals of Frank Wildhorn - a world-famous composer, the author of numerous hits and the Grammy Award winner. The libretto of the project is written based on the novel of the same name by A. Dumas by the constant co-author of the composer Jack Murphy. And when creating the musical image of the main character, the composer was guided by the brilliant German actor Thomas Borchert, who played the role of Edmond Dantes / the Count of Monte Cristo at the Swiss premiere of the musical.

According to the story, a young sailor Edmond Dantes on the day of the engagement with his lover Mercedes is arrested on the false denunciation of his former friends. He spends a cruel imprisonment on the island in the Castle of Ife fourteen years. Miraculously being at large, the young man takes on a new name, becoming the count of Monte Cristo, and decides to take revenge on the offenders ...

The production of the Russian version of the "Count of Monte Cristo" will be carried out by Miklos Gabor Kereni (KERO), a long-time partner of the Musical Comedy Theater, artistic director of the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theater (Hungary). His play "Jekyll and Hyde" on the debut musical of F. Wildhorn does not leave the playbill of the Musical Comedy Theater for the fourth season, collecting the constant sold out.

Especially for the Russian production, the composer who visited St. Petersburg with a solo concert at the invitation of the theater in May 2017 wrote additional musical numbers. And the libretto of the musical was significantly revised by the author of the Russian text - Susanna Tsiryuk in accordance with the additions. Wildhorn, praising the actor's work in the play "Jekyll and Hyde", which he looked at the Italian, 13 during his visit to St. Petersburg, gave parting words to the soloists who joined the troupe of the new musical, and promised to come to the premiere.

Exclusively for the St. Petersburg production, the Hungarian staging team created exquisite, full of maritime romance and inviting scenic designs for a fascinating journey. A costume designer Olga Shaishmelashvili drew more than two hundred sketches, on which the corsets and camisoles of the Restoration period are seen through the eyes of a man of the 21st century.



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