Vladimir Yarosh



He was born in Vinnitza. In July 2003 he graduated from Kiev State institute of theatre art from the department “Actor of drama theatre and film”.

From 2004 till 2006 he worked in theatre of musical comedy of Krasnoyarsk. 

In 2006 he was invited to Saint-Petersburg theatre of Musical Comedy. He played the parts:  Shpeht (“Meetings in Vienna” by J. Strauss), Forestier and Rival (“My dear friend!” by V. Lebedev), Skomorokh (“Levsha” by V. Dmitriev), participant of the ensemble scenes in the performance “I don’t know such a country like this…” by M. Aptekman, Vizir (“Kalif-stork” by O. Petrova),  Urban ("Parisian Life" J. Offenbach), Second gunman-enforcer ("Kiss me, Kate!" C. Porter), Rzevsky ("The Bondmaid" N. Strelnikov), Negresko (“The Duchess from Chicago”  by I. Kalman).

Now in the repertoire of artist there are following parts: Cascada (“The Merry Widow” by F. Lehar), Philipp, Zupan (“Bayader”, "Countess Maritza” by I. Kalman), 9 versatile supported parts (“Baroness Lili” by E. Huzska), participant of the ensemble scenes in the performances “Mister X” by I. Kalman, Pular and Marepa (“Madame Pompadour” by L. Fall), Genka Bessmertny ("Sevastopol waltz" K. Listov), Peter the Great ("Bely. Petersburg" by G. Firtich), Mars ("Orpheus in Hell" by J. Offenbach), Gritsian ("The Wedding in Malinovka" by B. Aleksandrov).

In May 2010 he became the laureate of International vocal competition n.a. F. Lehar organized in Slovakia (I prize).









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